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A Corrupt President

by on Jul.28, 2015, under Intelligence / National Security, Politics

In another lie to the American people, it was announced today that convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will be released in the next few months, and it had nothing to do with trying to curry favor with Israel over the Iran nuclear deal.  Do they really think we are that stupid? Does this President just assume that if he says black is white, up is down, and left is right, it will be true?  Notwithstanding that the Intelligence community has for decades opposed this release,  he has chosen now to use Pollard as  bargaining chip to gain good will. Fat chance!. He cant even do that right. The Israelis will not come off their opposition to the treaty because they care about their survival and national security. I wish the president would do the same for this country.

He sets loose a traitor and a vile individual for what? To try and bribe the Israelis. Well , they are not like democrat  congressmen and senators who can be bribed like they were to support Obamacare.  Remember the bribes and lies on that one?  Obama acts like a Chicago thug but is rolled by every country he deals with. I and several of our regular readers are intimately familiar with Pollard, his  greed, and the damage he did to American intelligence.  Dont let anyone say the information he gave away went only to Israel. They used it in bargaining deals with the Russians to free Russian Jews.  But most importantly, he took an oath, it was not his decision to make as to which country got what, and he and his wife  took lots of money for this. So much for his patriotism to the state of Israel. He should rot in prison for the rest of his life. But the President thinks otherwise, and he knows best.  Here’s the story on Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard

Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard will be released from prison after serving 30 years of a life sentence on November 20, the US Parole Commission announced Tuesday.

The Parole Commission relayed the decision to Pollard’s lawyers, Elliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked was also told and broke the news on Twitter.

“I am looking forward to being reunited with my beloved wife Esther,” Pollard said through his attorneys. “I would like to thank the many thousands of well-wishers in the United States, in Israel, and throughout the world, who provided grass roots support by attending rallies, sending letters, making phone calls to elected officials, and saying prayers for my welfare. I am deeply appreciative of every gesture, large or small.”

The attorneys have been told that Pollard must remain in the US for five years under the parole ruling but that US president Barack Obama has the power to allow him to move to Israel sooner by commuting his sentence to time served.

“We are grateful and delighted that our client will soon be released,” the lawyers said in an official statement. “The decision to grant parole was made unanimously by the three members of the Parole Commission, who make their decisions independently of any other US government agency. The decision is not connected to recent developments in the Middle East.”

Had Pollard’s parole been denied, he would have been required to serve an additional fifteen years in prison. His parole hearing took place July 7 at the Federal Correctional Center in Butner, North Carolina, where he has been incarcerated. He has been serving a sentence of life in prison for conspiracy to deliver classified information to the State of Israel.

The lawyers wrote that after Pollard’s first parole hearing last July, in which parole was denied, the parole commission told them that even though a life sentence at the time of Pollard’s sentencing was 45 years, a “record review” would take place to assess whether, in the commission’s discretion, he should be released on parole at the two-thirds mark of the 45-year term on November 21, 2015.

In the review, the commission assessed Pollard’s record in prison, and whether there was a “reasonable probability” that he would commit any further crimes if released. The lawyers submitted documents demonstrating that Pollard had an exemplary prison record, and that there was no possibility that he would commit any further crimes if released.

The lawyers also secured employment and housing for Mr. Pollard in the New York area, and made that information available to the commission and the Department of Justice. On July 1, the Department of Justice informed the lawyers that it agreed not to urge denial of parole at the hearing six days later.

“President Obama, who has the constitutional power of executive clemency, has the authority to release Mr. Pollard before November 21, 2015, as well as the authority to allow Mr. Pollard to leave the United States and move to Israel immediately,” the lawyers wrote. “We respectfully urge the President to exercise his clemency power in this manner.”

Following news of Pollard’s release, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Esther Pollard, the wife of Jonathan Pollard, just hours after it was announced that the Israeli agent would be released from his life sentence in US prison.

“After decades of efforts [to secure his release], finally, finally Jonathan Pollard will be freed from jail.”

He added that throughout Pollard’s “long period of incarceration I made sure to raise the subject of his release in all my meetings and conversations with the heads of the American government.”

Shaked expressed hope that Pollard would be allowed to board a plane to Israel as soon as possible. Her Bayit Yehudi colleague, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, a former head of the Knesset’s Pollard caucus, welcomed the news with the shehianu prayer that one utters on a monumental occasion.

“After 30 years too many, I bless Jonathan and his family on his upcoming release,” Ariel said. “I am waiting with love for him to land here.”

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations welcomed the news.

“We have long sought this decision and we believe this action is long overdue with Pollard serving a longer sentence than anyone charged with a comparable crime,” the Jewish umbrella group said in a statement. “We do not believe that there is any connection to the nuclear agreement with Iran. The parole date was set at the time of his sentencing and the current parole process proceeded the negotiations with Iran. These are separate and unrelated issues that should not be linked. We are grateful that he will soon have the opportunity to rebuild his life with his wife and address his medical concerns.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday that Pollard’s upcoming release was not tied to the nuclear agreement with Iran.

“I haven’t even had a conversation about it. No, not at all,” Kerry told reporters as he left a House of Representatives committee hearing on the nuclear agreement.

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Ted Cruz Speaks the Truth

by on Jul.27, 2015, under Politics

Say what you will about Ted Cruz, but it took a lot of guts to do what he did on Friday. He stood up to Mitch McConnelll and the Senate leadership and called them out for what they are: Liars. We elected Republicans in a sweeping landslide in November to stand up to the President and do what is right. Mitch McConnell is part of the problem in Washington and has let us down time and time again. No one has had the courage outside of talk radio to call him on it; that is, Until Friday.

The courageous speech by Cruz instantly got him in major trouble and will isolate him even further from the “go along to get along” crowd. But who cares! He did what is right and told the truth. I personally dont see any difference in having elected so many republicans last year. Obama has gotten everything he wants; he continues to flaunt his warped agenda at will; heck, McConnell helped him get his trade authority passed. Have they done anything about illegal immigration? Other than passing legislation that shoots them in the foot on the Iran deal, will they stop that? What about Benghazi and the IRS? Other than a lonely few senators, where is the leadership? Where is the outrage? I am glad Cruz did what he did. Finally someone took on McConnell. An excerpt from the speech is below. What do you think?

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Ghost Fleet

by on Jul.22, 2015, under Book Reviews

I’ve just finished one of the most well written  and scary books I’ve read in ages:Ghost Fleet. Its in the genre of Hunt for Red October. It’s a techno- military thriller based on the premise of a war between China in collusion with Russia,  and the US. What makes it so scary is the way the authors have laid out a potential Chinese first strike. They go after our space assets, our IT networks, our nuclear submarines, our advanced weapons systems using corrupted chips we bought from them anyway,  and oh yes, they take Hawaii.  It is a book you will not want to put down. What if we had to use guerila tactics in Hawaii? What if our F-35’s didnt work? What if the only weapons systems that were usable  were mothballed ships and fourth generation planes form the boneyard?

I will not tell you what happens, but I assure you it is not a pleasant read for anyone concerned about our current and future military preparedness. It is a wake-up call and should be mandatory reading  for all military leaders. It is full of outside the box thinking by the Chinese,   and forces one to look at military tactics from a whole different perspective. I would like to send President Obama a copy, but I dont think he will find time to read it what with all the really critical stuff he is doing: traveling to Africa, giving Iran nuclear weapons, jettisoning our allies in the middle east, blowing up our immigration system etc.  Hey, why do the Chinese need to invade? Just negotiate with Obama. Enjoy.



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